MULTI-POTENTIALITY, otherwise said our various SERVICES...

  Multi-potentiality best describes the approach we have on things.
We are no fools of one trade but combine imagination and expertise with a creative approach that can stretch out beyond our comfort zone to get things done. If this means way past the floral domain (if you want us to, of course) so be it…
We can do what you ask us to do, be it during happy moments in your lives or in a mourning streak of grief. We can cater for temporary venues or long lasting arrangements, planned events or last minute calls.


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‘How much does it cost?’ is perhaps the most recurring question ever and the most difficult to answer.

How big are your desires? What could be your budget? Would you like a salad or a six course menu? We can advise you on the matter but best is to give us an indication were you want to head. It saves time for everyone and leaves more flow for the creative process.

Are you flexible? Or do you insist on having blooms that can only be found on the highest mountain? We know sometimes what you’d like to have and what’s feasible doesn’t rime. Luckily we are qualified professionals who know what they are doing. Give us some slack and we’ll come up with the perfect decoration – within your budget.

After all, your satisfaction is our publicity ;o)

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.”


Oscar Wilde