The Perfect Event

VANDONINK - ROOSEN, Creative Floral Artists & more ...

What we do and what we’re able to offer is challenging to portray in just a few words.
The sublimation of dreams and desires, with the use of floral arranging and decoration could be a starting point.

A combined approach of skills, creativeness and imagination permits to offer, each time and again, this feeling of exclusiveness.
Aren’t you “one of a kind”? We think you are, and you deserve the very best !


We transform the ordinary into “Extraordinary”,
We want you to experience floral art on an upper level for your special occasions in life.
An anniversary or birthday, your Wedding or private event or just when your ‘feeling ‘flowers’, we can accommodate your wishes.

Private or company venues with themed decorations but also individual gifts and concierge-like demands can be fulfilled as well upon request.


Shop & everyday take out

We have a physical, intimate, flowershop where you can find us for your everyday needs. The shop flows with the seasons, so varieties change all the time.
Flowers arrive multiple times a week. Special occasions are well cared for. It's best to plan beforehand for very specific demands.
Deliveries are possible upon request.
Dreams can be accommodated.

“You can even ask for CONCIERGE-like services”

Events & Venues: A Specialisation.

CREATIVE DESIGN is our priority

We strive to achieve the most beautiful rendering and always work with the best professionals and associates to make your happening a true success.
We gladly work out of our comfort zone to make your venue the best, keeping your wishes and budget in mind.
Many before have trusted us with their dreams and ideas, we think you can too!



Belgian Champion

Vice-Champion Fleurop-Interflora

National & International awards....

and many more